Community Integration & Adventure Education

Community Integration

Our Young Adults have the opportunity to participate in Community Integration, which is designed to help clients with their future transitions. In the field we teach a skill based curriculum built upon interviewing techniques, resume workshops, wellness plans, and self care assessments. These concepts are reinforced by participating in activities in town. Every integration is different and specialized for each participant. By developing a higher quality of self care, professionalism, and awareness around the struggles of leaving the wilderness, Community Integration prepares individuals to confidently take control of their own lives.

Adventure Education

Our Adventure Education program helps individuals learn about personal growth and relationships by presenting achievable challenges, setting goals, and processing experiences in a group setting. Deschutes Wilderness Therapy ( DWT ) utilizes a variety of activities including hiking and trauma sensitive yoga as a means to reduce stress and depression, stimulate the brain, and allow individuals to process emotions at higher capacities. In addition to the Adventure Education embedded in the daily structure of DWT, we have specialized experiences encompassing rock climbing, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, mountain biking, and cross country skiing. While focusing on communicating and incorporating all five senses, Adventure Education also encourages participants to engage in healthy lifestyles!