Brittney Dane

Position: Logistics Specialist

Brittney grew up in Tallahassee, Florida, and spent her childhood romping around longleaf pine-sawgrass forests. With a degree in Psychology, her early career was as a part of a clinical anxiety research team. Since her transition to the outdoor industry, she has seven years of guiding under her belt. She started her outdoor career as a wilderness therapy Field Guide, followed by two years as an Outdoor Educator in Australia, and finally, as a Backpacking Guide in the Sierra Nevada and across southern Utah. Spending time in the wilderness is her avid passion, whether it be backpacking, climbing, cross-country skiing, searching for off-trail alpine lakes, or simply settling into a pristine spot to nature journal. Britt joined the DWT logistics team in 2022 and is currently a graduate student studying clinical mental health counseling.