Drew Hornbeck, BA

Position: President/Co-Founder

Drew Hornbeck, CEO/President/Co-founder of NVW was born and raised in Wisconsin.  After graduating from the University of Minnesota, Drew launched a 20-year career in adventure and wilderness therapy. Drew has worked in a variety of academic and therapeutic settings across the U.S.  In addition to overseeing all aspects of NVW, Drew currently serves as the Membership Committee Chair for the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Council (OBH), as well serves on the Oregon Outdoor Youth Program (OYP) Advisory Council.  Drew has spoken at national conferences on topics ranging from wilderness risk management to mental health.  Drew champions the strong culture at NVW, with a focus on empathy, leadership, and best in class services and practices.  Drew is proud to collaborate with such an amazing team of professionals at NVW and considers it a privilege to serve children and families.  When not at work, Drew enjoys spending time in the outdoors with his wonderful wife and two beautiful daughters.