Julia Babjack (Babs)

Position: Girls Field Specialist

Babs has been with Deschutes Wilderness Therapy for over 2 years now. She started off as a Field Guide and stepped into a new role as Adolescent Field Specialist this past fall. Babs works mostly with our assigned female at birth groups but wears many hats here at Deschutes. Since her time here, Babs has been known for her wilderness spirit, growth mindset, and empathy when interacting with students. Babs loves to plan adventure trips for her groups which range from volunteering at the local foodbank to equine therapy or hiking at the famous Smith Rock. Babs is a teacher at heart and enjoys teaching our students about the importance of treating our Earth kindly, how to build trusting relationships with staff, canines, and peers, and how to step outside our comfort zones to foster personal growth. Everywhere she goes, she brings her bright smile, positive energy, and a jar of biodegradable glitter. She believes in the joy and healing this program offers to many families and embodies that in all her interactions.