Lauren “Ren” Clarson, B.S.

Position: Wilderness Field Instructor


Lauren is a native Minnesotan whose deep love and appreciation for nature came from volunteering at the nature center down the street from her childhood home. During her time at the nature center, Lauren managed the animal outreach programs and worked as a naturalist to educate children about their environment and outdoor skills. These experiences led Lauren to major in Wildlife Ecology, with a focus in education at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point where she also continued to acquire skills in camping and backpacking. Following graduation, Lauren continued to work in outdoor education as an educator at the Como Zoo and Conservatory and a naturalist at Kroening Interpretive Center where she had volunteered years prior. These experiences gave her the opportunity to explore a variety of world views while work with people of all ages and backgrounds. Lauren appreciates the ability to continue to educate children and assist in creating deep and impactful changes in the lives of children through her work at Northwoods Wilderness Therapy. Outside of work, Lauren enjoys spending time in the woods, rock climbing, hiking, running and cross-country skiing.