Sarah Golemon-Mercer

Position: Family Intensive Coordinator and Family Specialist

Sarah joined Deschutes Nest Family Services as a Family Specialist in the summer of 2021. She graduated with a BA in Religious Community and Environmental Studies, which continues to nourish her understanding of systemic and individual healing. Sarah is passionate about family services and strives to support transformation and growth by facilitating the daily schedule, creative expression, and experiential outdoor activities. Prior to Deschutes, Sarah worked in the Midwest with families experiencing homelessness and female-gender clients struggling with addiction.

Sarah practices a holistic approach to family therapy, meaning that one must look at every individual within a system and the system itself and the environment to promote lasting positive change. Sarah came to Deschutes because she believes deeply in our mission of creating joy and healing generations. She believes this begins with re-imagining the family system, which she supports through deep listening, radical acceptance, attuned presence, and cultivating joy. In Sarah’s free time, she enjoys cooking with friends, reading, listening to bluegrass music, embodied movement, and enjoying the rich beauty of central Oregon with her friends and family.