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Our Nest program is a multi-day, individualized, family therapy intervention in the wilderness or lodging. This program takes place with our Family Services therapist and a wilderness guide. It is open to all family members. The Family Services therapist helps the student and family practice the skills they’ve learned during their respective journeys at Deschutes. Each family member has the opportunity to vocalize the sentiments they’ve been sharing through letters, as well as those that they’ve kept inside themselves. They get to look each other in the eye and see each other in the most authentic sense. It is often a heartwarming and illuminating experience.

The Nest Process

Before arrival, the Family Services therapist communicates with the student’s primary therapist to form individualized treatment objectives and goals for the family. The family therapist and guide facilitate deep and meaningful therapeutic work. With the communication skills they have been learning along the way, students and families can express themselves intentionally and articulately and repair their family dynamics.

Throughout the intensive, the therapeutic work is coupled with adventure, canine therapy, and opportunities to relax and interact as a family.


The CASA Model

Deschutes Wilderness Therapy has integrated the CASA model and has a reputation of specializing in developmental trauma, adoption, and attachment work. The CASA model framework is built to assist our students with developmental trauma be able to experience secure attachment. Family Services teaches the CASA model to parents and assists them in practicing the framework to continue to build secure attachment and repair relationships.

Admissions Process:

  1. Contact our Admissions Team at 866-282-3024. We are excited to learn more about your child and to discuss if Deschutes Wilderness Therapy is the right fit.
  2. Visit our admissions page to begin the online application by clicking “Online Registration” link below. This provides the Admissions Team and Administrative Office with basic information. An Admissions Counselor will contact you within 24 hours.
  3. Receive the Admission Packet from your Admissions Counselor.
  4. Fax, e-mail, or mail completed Admission Packet to Deschutes Wilderness Therapy. Visit our contact page for complete contact information here.
Meet the Nest's Clinical Director

Elizabeth Deardorff

Liz joined the Deschutes Wilderness Therapy team in 2010 and has been an integral part of the clinical team, wearing many therapeutic hats throughout the years. Although Liz has worked with each age population within DWT, her passion is treating, supporting and guiding young adults. 

Liz Deardroff Portrait