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Our Programs

New Vision Wilderness (NVW) programs are innovative wilderness therapy programs for students who require an immediate intervention and intensive mental health treatment. Our programs specialize in treating struggles associated with adoption, developmental trauma, anxiety, depression, and addiction. We serve preteens, teens, young adults and their parents in three U.S. locations: the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin, the majestic Cascade mountain range of Central Oregon and the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia. Through the wilderness experience in each of these locations, young people and their parents have the opportunity to heal their relationships and foster personal growth in life.

Northwoods Wilderness Therapy proudly serves as the first established New Vision Wilderness program.  Located in the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin, we are a team of highly trained professionals dedicated to transforming the experiences of struggling students and families. 

Deschutes Wilderness Therapy (DWT) is an innovative wilderness therapy program for students who require immediate intervention and intensive mental health treatment. Our programs specialize in treating struggles associated with adoption, developmental trauma, anxiety, depression, and addiction.

First Light Wilderness is conveniently located in the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains of northern Georgia. We provide the highest impact, evidence-based outdoor behavioral healthcare. First Light’s individualized trauma treatment model is focused on achieving meaningful change, creating the capacity for joy, and laying the foundation for sustainable development of the self.


New Vision Wilderness is known for its use of a variety of clinical modalities that treat the mind and body. Our mental health treatment is centered on healing the effects of early childhood stress or developmental trauma in our students, particularly among students struggling with attachment and/or adoption. NVW’s therapeutic attention is focused on helping our students better regulate their nervous system and emotions by utilizing brain-based and attunement focused therapeutic treatment modalities. Each master's level, a licensed therapist will be immersed in the field for at least two days per week facilitating multiple 1 on 1 and group therapy sessions.


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Brain-based therapy is the fastest-growing area in the field of psychological health because it has proven that it can immediately address issues that talk therapy can take years to heal.


Heartmath Interventions

This book teaches readers to use the HeartMath method, enabling them to see and experience in real time how thoughts and emotions affect their heart rhythms.

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Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) is offered to all students once a week as a part of their treatment process at NVW.


Canine Therapy

At New Vision Wilderness, our canine therapy program uses Golden Retrievers very strategically to teach our students how to work on healthy relationships with the ultimate goal being transferable attachment.

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Mastery Program

New Vision Wilderness recognizes that each student has a path and the road to getting there cannot be reached by a cookie cutter approach.

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Art & Wellness Therapy

Art in the wilderness provides a non-verbal outlet of expression that aids in non-threatening communication and can provide a tangible product for exploration.

"You have 100% potential, and although it’s always been there, it may have not always been seen by you. Leaving wilderness you have a new outlook on life."

- A New Vision Student


Neurological Release and Somatic Stabilization

NVW focuses on stabilizing through the nervous system and body, not through words.

Brainspotting Psychotherapy

Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Strategic Exercise Model

Self-Regulation Training and Emotional Literacy

The key aspect of traumatized and broken attachment is the experience of powerlessness. At NVW we empower students to manage their inner world to change their outer world.

Heartmath Stress Reduction Protocols

Expressive Art Therapy

Attachment and Relational Immersion

At NVW we strategically heal participants' relationships in a thorough way. We heal through transferable attachment work with canines and safe adult authority figures.

Canine Assisted Therapy

Attunement Focused Mastery

Relational Pinnacle Experience  (Canoeing, Rock Climbing, Dog Sledding, etc.)

"I recently had the inspiring experience of visiting New Vision Wilderness, meeting with staff and their young clients. The latter were all young women with troubled histories. I was most impressed by how openly insightfully, and courageously, after only a few weeks in the wilderness program, these young people shared about themselves and what they had learned.

I have hardly ever seen trauma-informed theory, compassionate intention, and expert practice melded together so humanely and effectively as in NVW. I can't recommend NVW too highly."

- Gabor Maté M.D.


The Safety of Wilderness

New Vision Wilderness provides an intensive, individualized, and thorough healing process. Our nationally recognized, individually tailored wilderness challenge programs lead the way in relational model wilderness therapy.

Our Outcomes and Successes

New Vision Wilderness has created an environment that works well with students struggling more inwardly, especially in relation to significant trauma or attachment issues.

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