Understanding Reactive Attachment Disorder part I

The symptoms that Reactive Attachment Disorder [RAD] parents generally witness are far more specific and obvious. Some of the commons Attachment Disorder Symptoms include:

  • A child who is superficially engaging and charming with strangers and visitors.
  • A child who is Indiscriminately affectionate with strangers, including hugging and talking about intimate family details.
  • A Child who fails to make or maintain eye contact on his or her parent’s terms.
  • A child who is not affectionate on his or her parent’s terms, but may be over huggy and clingy on their own terms.
  • A Self-destructive and/or accident prone child.
  • Hurtful or unsafe with others and material property.
  • A child who is cruel to animals.
  • Lying about the obvious, nonsense lying. Even when no real motivation for a lie exists.
  • Stealing, including items of no use to the child.
  • A child with no impulse controls. Often labeled as hyperactive.
  • Lack of normal developmental and behavior milestones.
  • Learning Lags.
  • Unable to understand cause and effect.
  • Appears to lack a conscience.
  • Eating disorders.
  • Poor social and peer relationships.
  • Some children are preoccupied with fire .
  • Some children are preoccupation with blood and gore.
  • Persistent nonsense questions and chatter
  • Abnormal speech patterns, baby talk or nonsense talking, gibberish.
  • Triangulation of adults. Manipulation of situations between adults.
  • False allegations of abuse.
  • Presumptive entitlement issues.
  • Parents appear hostile and angry and over controlling.

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