Deschutes Wilderness Academy is a nationally accredited school through Cognia. We strive to support the academic process of our students by providing experiential learning that supports the continuation of their education. In addition to our therapeutic objectives, we offer opportunities for continuing their educational credit and academic growth based on the individual needs of each student. The primary goal of Deschutes Wilderness is to deeply impact the lives of our students by therapeutic means. Inherent in the nature of our program is educational growth; therefore we provide the opportunity for students to receive credits for their academic progress.

Upon arrival at Deschutes, students are automatically enrolled into the Academy because we understand the importance of academic success in their lives. We support an alternative education that covers a core curriculum. The core curriculum is inquiry-based, progressive in nature, and student-directed. Courses available are English Language Arts, Health, Environmental Science, and Physical Education.

The core curriculum is built into daily programming and structure. During this structured time, tutoring support from instructors is available. The selection of each course is based on individual credit requirements and your child’s academic challenges are assessed when they enter our program. Official transcripts, course descriptions, and a possibility for community service hours will be provided after your child’s graduation.