Wilderness Therapy Videos

Get Up Close and Personal with our Video Series

Wilderness Therapy provides a unique environment for struggling youth to get help in a challenging wilderness experience with intensive clinical immersion. We invite you to come along on our video series to get an understanding of what it is Deschutes Wilderness Therapy can provide for your family.

Experience what it's like at Deschutes Wilderness Therapy

Where do our students sleep?

Mark Morse discusses sleeping arrangements for students on outdoor trips.

When nature calls

Mark Morse walks parents through how privacy is handled when nature calls.

A gear review: Rain Gear at Deschutes Wilderness Therapy

Mark Morse discusses the sort of equipment every student will carry to overcome the challenges of a rainy day.

Learn about family services

Get to know Liz Deardorff as she discusses Deschute's family services.

Meet our students and canines

A quick hello from one of our students and canine.

YETI - Young Adult Services at Deschutes Wilderness Therapy

Meet AJ Frithiof and Harrison Hill as they walk you through YETI, DWT's young adult services program.

An explanation of HeartMath

Learn about HeartMath from a student, in his own words.