Position: Field Instructor

Born and raised in coastal Mobile, Alabama, Reece grew up exploring the warm gulf waters and dense forests of the southeast. From a young age, Reece was a wild boy with a tender heart. In adolescence he could usually be found romping around outside or diving into some fantastical world in the form of a Brian Jacques book. As the oldest of three, Reece learned quite a bit of independence as he grew up, yet he followed a track that most of his peers were on leading up to college. Reece graduated from the University of Alabama with a business degree, but on the verge of entering the working world, he turned away from the suits and briefcases to don hiking boots and a backpack instead. Now he works as a field guide navigating the woods of central Oregon with our students. Reece exhibits so much compassion for those around him. He’s got a smile that’ll melt yer heart like butter on a hot day. If you see him around say hello!