Inner Child Wounds

Healing Your Inner Child Wounds Can Support Your Growth as a Family Most people wouldn’t claim their childhood was perfect. Almost everyone has at least some emotional inner child wounds. Some wounds occur from one humiliating experience, or a notable instance of broken trust, for example. How deep your inner child wounds are, depends on…

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Self-Care  Isn’t Selfish

Self-care after 2020 has taken on new meaning and importance. Many practices before the pandemic still apply, a few others, not as much. Strict time-keeping to a workout or meditation at 5 am may not make as much sense for those of us who continue to work/school from home or do some hybrid of both.…

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How Parents Can Help Destigmatize Their Teen’s Mental Illness


Most parents of teens grew up during a time where mental illness was something to keep quiet or was considered shameful. You didn’t feel cool telling your friends about your anxiety attack or being depressed. Your parent’s generation was more likely to ask you to keep such details quiet, or they minimally acknowledged it. The…

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ACE Test Aids in Depression, Suicide Awareness in Troubled Youth

Depression and suicide in the United States among troubled youth have been on the rise prior to 2020. Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) are proving to be key factors that influence these events in teens and adolescence. ACE Test Factors – A Breakdown ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) are those that occurred before a child’s eighteen birthday.…

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Nature is Medicine — Even for Indoors-y Types. Let Us Count the Ways.

Beautiful bridge over a waterfall

Research has shown that nature is indeed a form of medicine and contributes to what Deschutes Wilderness Therapy is today. However, for those who are less inclined to seek nature — even during a pandemic, getting those benefits may seem out of reach. These people may have bad memories of camping/hiking expeditions gone sideways and ongoing challenges…

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