Self-Care  Isn’t Selfish

Self-care after 2020 has taken on new meaning and importance. Many practices before the pandemic still apply, a few others, not as much. Strict time-keeping to a workout or meditation at 5 am may not make as much sense for those of us who continue to work/school from home or do some hybrid of both.…

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Nature is Medicine — Even for Indoors-y Types. Let Us Count the Ways.

Beautiful bridge over a waterfall

Research has shown that nature is indeed a form of medicine and contributes to what Deschutes Wilderness Therapy is today. However, for those who are less inclined to seek nature — even during a pandemic, getting those benefits may seem out of reach. These people may have bad memories of camping/hiking expeditions gone sideways and ongoing challenges…

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In Their Words

The most frustrating thing is getting people to understand where you are at. Physical disease is much easier for people to empathize with.

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